Premium Number Plates

Premium Number Plates

We have been working on Premium Number Plates. Perfect plate to go with its look!
There are three types.




Premium 3D Gel

3D gel number plates are a great way to enhance your vehicle. Using the latest doming technology, we manufacture high spec, bespoke raised gel number plates. We offer a wide range of gel styles, customizable features and great value for money.

4D Acrylic Plates

4D laser cut acrylic plates are the ‘bigger brother’ of 3D gel plates; these come with professionally laser cut acrylic letters as opposed to gel letters. With 5mm thickness, they truly stand out at all times. 4D plates feature the same high quality acrylic plates and reflective backing as 3D plates.

Tinted Plates (not road legal)

These plates feature a layer of high quality tint between the text and the acrylic plate, thus darkening the plate. These customised plates are sold solely as show plates as they are a legal grey area.