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With many aspects that can make your vehicle unique and your own, Bodykit Styling has to be up there with best. The difference you can make to your vehicle is phenomenal.


From fitting Spoilers, Front Splitters and Diffusers to Side skirts, Fins and more. Herts Tints and Wraps can give your vehicle that wow factor.


We have many partnerships that allow us to purchase the highest quality products for our clients. We can provide work that meets your needs, whether it is a full carbon body kit fitting or just one specific element that may need replacing. We can do the lot. Your vehicle interior is very important to your everyday life.


With the help of our specialist team, we can provide services other companies can't in interior styling. With the use of the best vinyl, we can wrap certain parts of your interior with the colour of your choice. From radio facias, gear stick surrounds, steering wheel surrounds and more.

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