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We offer crystal clear paint protection film installation services. Retain your car resale value by protecting it against all day to day wear and tear. Crystal-clear, paint protection film works as an invisible layer of armour over your car paint finish, providing all of the protection you need with none of the peeling, cracking or discolouring. Professionally applied to painted surfaces of your choice. 

Paint protection film is optically clear, urethane vinyl, computer cut from a database of precision templates and then professionally applied to painted surfaces of your choice (bumper, bonnet, wheel arches, door edges, door handles) or lights.

Paint Protection Film looks exactly like paint. You can wax it or add a extra paint protection product on top. For example Opti-Coat is confirmed as being 100% compatible with Paint Protection Film, making it easier to clean and adds extra gloss.

Self Healing Polyurethane is a line of films, that have the ability to heal a surface scratches and swirl marks, meaning the surface will heal itself in time, staying clean and spotless for years and years to come.

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