The Process

Step 1

Getting the wheels removed from your car

We first park your car in our premises at the time of repair. We then get the wheels removed from your vehicle. But we make sure to fit spare wheels on a temporary basis so that your car can stay on road.

Step 2

Remove the tyres, weights & valves

Next, we remove the tyres from the wheels and mark them for precision and rotation. We also ensure to tag them with our customer’s name.

Step 3

Stripping the earlier paint, grime, and dirt

We dip the wheel in a chemical solution for stripping away the finish and breaking all the dust. The wheel is completely stripped to bare aluminium after some span of time.

Step 4

Shot blasting

The wheel is sandblasted for its further cleaning. This process removes all corrosion on the wheels and makes the surface ready for power coating.

Step 5

Structural repairs - straightening, welding

We inspect the wheels for buckles, bends, dents or cracks. If we find any repair work needs to be done we notify the customer first before starting the job. We actually charge extra fees for structural repairs.

Step 6

Preparing kerbed surface for paint

We remove all kinds of kerb damage from the wheel’s surface to make it paint ready. If the damage is deep, we fill it with aluminium & weld it to return it back to its original shape. We don’t make use of any filler at Herts Tints. We charge extra for welding repairs.

Step 7

Painting the wheel

We place the wheel in the oven for preheating method and then apply powder primer. After applying it, we again put the wheel in the oven for curing method. Once curing is done, we let the wheels cool down. We then apply colours and powder coat lacquer. The wheels are again put back to the oven for hardening the coating and ensuring a complete cure.

Step 8

Tyre fitting & balancing

After repair and powder coat the wheel, we fit the new rubber valves, sensors or metal valves. The tyre is re-installed to the wheel & balanced using weights stuck to the inside portion of wheel.

Step 9

Fitting wheels to the car

The wheels are re-fitted to the vehicle and checks are performed including tyre pressure, wheel bolt torque, tightening and others.

Other Services

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