The Finish

Powder coating is one of the most popular processes that can make tough finish. This process is highly recommended by OEM experts. It is widely used in finishing industries where protective and decorative coating are highly essential to give protection to the products from grime, scratching, heat, cold, bleaching and corrosion.

Herts Tints offers high-quality powder coated finishes for all kinds of alloy wheels at an affordable rate. Our finishes always give an attractive look and can make your wheels and rims very durable. To get alloy wheel refurbishment services, you can trust us. Services guaranteed!

Kerb damage / scratches

If your car wheels can get scratched or damaged while driving then surely come to us. We are a place where any kind of damage can be treated with proper care.

Fresh look

Powder coating plays a major role in bringing back your wheel’s life. Experts at our company can work with advanced technologies to give a new and fresh look to your alloy wheels.


Our team is highly experienced and properly skilled in the refurbishing field having expertise in giving custom effects to your car.

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Other Services

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