Motorbike Wheel Refurbishment

Our bike respray & frame refurbishment service is the best way to get your bike complete or frame looking just like new. If you have a bike frame that looks a bit tired, have it refinished in a colour of your own choice. We at Herts Tints & Wraps provide traditional stove enamelling. All the frames are basically shot blasted to bare metal, rust resistant, primed and coated for a tough finish.

Respray and refurbishment

Our technicians can modify the frame to your requirements with contrasts, paneks, lug lining, oversprays & custom transfers as well as decals. Either you need to select the colour that you want to among the various shades available or we will get it done for you but with an extra fee.

Stove enamelling

Stove enamelling is a traditional way of painting a bike frame in London. Each paint coat is treated at a high temperature in the industrial oven giving it a tougher finish. We provide this finish on steel frames and consider it to be the best option with a perfect balance of corrosion resistance, durability, deep colour & lustre.

Repairs or alterations?

Herts Tints and Wraps can repair or and alter any steel frame. So, whether your bike frame is damaged or you want to alter it to use advanced equipment, we can give you the right piece of advice on the options that are available.

Feel free to contact us with your query.

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