Exterior Light Tints

Exterior Light Tints

Here at Herts Tints we offer the service of having your lights tinted whether its the rear or front, side indicators, fog lights or just all of them.

SPI Vision tint for lights is a speciality film manufactured from a PET material (Polyethylene Terephthalate). As SPI Vision is designed for exterior installation, it has been engineered with a proprietary protective coating. It can be applied on most glass and polycarbonate lights.

SPI Vision! The UK's first 100% legal and MOT compliant headlight tinting vinyl.

MOT rules and regulations state that - Headlights must emit a steady white or yellow colour and be visible from a reasonable distance. Brake lights must emit a steady red light and be visible from a reasonable distance. Indicators must emit an amber light and 50% of the light must be visible from a reasonable distance. ​

We have many variations of light tints for more info please visit our gallery page or come in a see us.

Prices start from £79.

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