Alloy Wheel Welding

We at Herts Tints do a weld repair when there is significant damage to an alloy wheel. This is because we aim to do the repair work without actually softening the alloy. Situations where wheel weld usually becomes necessary are cracks, damaged or bent shape alloy and splits. However, we only weld those wheels where we feel that the repair work would be safe for regular use. If we’ve any concern about the potential risks, we would tell you after inspecting the wheel at the initial stage itself.

Ask our experts to inspect the wheel

When you think your wheel to have been badly damaged and that it can’t be welded, ask us to inspect it. We are experts in wheel inspection and can assess it thereby reporting back to you on whether repairing it would be feasible. If we find that the wheel can be welded, there would be no need for you to buy a new one. You can save your hard-earned money on buying it and just get it repaired from our pros. Our technicians are experts in wheel welding and you’ll thus be surprised to see what they can do for you.

The welding method

If suitable, the damaged area would be cut & shaped to get the weld. It would then be welded inside & out with the use of welding equipment that minimises the heat transferred to the alloy but with the purpose of maximising the weld’s strength without softening the alloy unduely. The technicians at Herts Tints welds in such a manner that the repair is flush with the wheel’s surface. The welded space is then machined back so that a seamless finish is obtained.

Cost of Welding Prices Start From £70

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