Alloy Wheel Straightening

Alloy wheels can buckle, bend or become out of shape when it hits a pothole or a kerb. If you’ve a bent, out of shape or a buckled alloy wheel, don’t rush out to a dealer and replace the wheel, come to Herts Tints.




Other signs for wheel straightening:

  • A vibration or shaking from the steering wheel while driving
  • Uneven wear of tyre
  • A tyre, which often goes flat
  • Poor handling/steering
  • Poor performance of brake

So, if you are facing any of these situations, get your wheel straightened. Our technicians are highly trained and experts in straightening alloy wheels and can thus get your wheel back to its original shape saving you a significant amount. It would just take a few hours for us to repair your bent alloy wheel. However, make an appointment before you come to us.

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Cost of Our Straightening Prices Start From £70

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